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      1. Welcome to Shanghai Smarfid Security Equipment Co., Ltd
        ODM&OEM 5大場所 藍牙四方式 IP65蘭 機場

        Company Profile

        Shanghai Smarfid Security Equipment Co., Ltd was founded in 2009. We are a professional ODM & OEM manufacturer for various types of RF technology Card Reader, Facial Recognition Reader, Reader Module, Controller and Contactless & contract integrated Exit Button.

        Smarfid has been adhering to the purpose of “Quality Products; Quality Service”, focus on customers’ demand. We provide innovative products with customized design and service, and always put quality and service in the first place, to ensure that each product with customers’ satisfaction. 

        Smarfid focus on every detail, with advanced concept of thinking, continuous innovation and breakthrough technology to write a new chapter, to show the new glory.


        We sincerely look forward to your cooperation and support!


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